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2023-02-16 15:35

maria giulia la rosa

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Wedding in Orvieto. Rain on your wedding day is good luck!






Time flies when you are having fun.  


I wrote my first article when this website as a destination wedding photographer was launched last October and now five months have gone by without me even writing a single word.  


Well, the truth is that 2022 was truly such an eventful year that I struggled to keep up with managing my own website.   


But now the new 2023 wedding season is about to begin and as a destination wedding photographer in Umbria (and the rest of Italy, I travel anywhere on business) I am getting ready to embark in a series of new photography adventures (and I can't wait).   


Therefore I really feel I should give justice to what has been a fantastic photography season for me, be it for weddings, events, portraits and fashion, and tell you what I was up to in the long hot Summer of 2022 (and even in the previous Spring and the subsequent Autumn..).   


So, let's see what happened in 2022.   


One of the cover photographs for this website as detination wedding photographer in Umbria is dedicated to the intimate wedding of Laura and Giacomo, which took place in Orvieto at the end of August 2022. 


I was their wedding photographer in Orvieto's townhall, for the very emotional civil cerimony in front of a small group of close family and friends and the spouses and I had meant to walk from the townhall to the Duomo (less than half-a mile walk) and do a half-hour couple photoshoot with the background of Orvieto's beautiful cathedral.  


Well, it had started as a glorius sunny day for a wedding in Umbria but, as a matter of fact, clouds had already started to fill the sky during the civil cerimony.  


As soon as the ceremony was over and the newlyweds got out and began to walk it began to rain.  And it rained hard.. 


Did that really matter? Not much, if anything, it made everything so much more fun.   


When you are just married it may thunder, snow or even hail without you taking any notice of that, so happy and excited as you may be on your wedding day! 


Laura and Giacommo simply laughed, grabbed my umbrella (I find it is quite useful for a destination wedding photographer to have a transparent umbrella handy, which protects the spouses from rain, yet lets light filter through in and shine on them) and kept on walking.   


Therefore yes, we did take lovely photos which you can view below, and the sun even peeked through the clouds in the end.   

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