Maria Giulia La Rosa

Orvieto, Italy +39 3339729392  info@mariagiulialarosa.com

VAT No. 01490030556



Overcoming the language barrier

Thinking of getting married in Italy? Scared of paperwork? Not too sure you can get by in Italian? I will be happy to help you!!

Hi there! If you are visiting my website you have probably been attracted by the photographs as you are looking for a photographer for your wedding in Italy. Of course, you are in the right place, as I am, indeed, a professional photographer.

However, I am also a professional translator and I have been since 2006. I have noticed that many of the clients I get photographs of also ask for my advice and intervention when they realize I am fluent in English and can also serve as a translator, so I realized that my translation abilities can definitely be useful in weddings as well.  Therefore contact me if you need documents translated, sworn translations, or if you need an interpreter at your wedding (provided I have not been booked as a photographer for the same date..:) or perhaps book me as an interpreter before your wedding and as a photographer on your wedding date, and I promise I will do both things proficiently. What I really mean to say is call me if you need help, I know how difficult it can be to organize such an important event in a foreign Country, especially when you don't speak the language. Things will definitely be easier if you have hired a wedding planner, but if by any chance you haven't and are in trouble, maybe I can help.  

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