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YOU SAY RAIN, I SAY COLOURS (My first wedding of the 2023 season)

2023-08-26 15:50

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YOU SAY RAIN, I SAY COLOURS (My first wedding of the 2023 season)

The Wedding of Matteo and Francesca in Perugia

You say rain, I say colours!

Francesca and Matteo may have noticed a slight drizzle throughout their wedding day, on the other hand it had been raining every second day in the month of May, therefore the chances were their wedding day would be rainy too.. 
However, nothing could spoil their joyous and colourful wedding in Perugia,!!
Francesca is a wedding photographer herself and I had had the opportunities to work with and for her a number of times, therefore I felt so privileged, as a destination wedding photographer in Umbria,  for being chosen to photograph her wedding and felt the enormous responsibility too of giving this photographer/bride the best wedding reportage I could possibly provide!

The ceremony was held in the lovely Library of San Matteo degli Armeni, the walls of which, of course, were lined with shelves showing colourful bookspines.

The bride wore a floral dress and kept her dark hair down for once (she always has it tied in a ponytail when she works) and had a red headband to keep it back. 

I loved her choice of colours, it made her look like Frida  Kahlo.  A photographer is an artist, and that is a fact, and Frida Kahlo is one of my favourite ones!

Francesca and Matteo's 15 year-old dog Janis had the wedding rings in a bow around her neck and brought them to the altar and the spouses improvised a dance to the sound of the theme song from the movie Up as soon as they were declared husband and wife.

I loved Francesca and Matteo's wedding, full of joy and laughter, emotions and tears (I starred crying myself the moment the bride stepped out of her car on arriving at the library😊), good music and good friends. 

This was definitely  a great day to mark the beginning of my 2023  season as a destination wedding photographer in Umbria.

Remember.. rain happens.. and HAPPINESS happens too..😊😊

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